Trekking Routes

I Percorsi a Piedi I Percorsi a Piedi Ponale Trail: The top trek in Garda Trentino - All mountain Link Duration: h 1:34 Distance: 3,1 Ascent: 249

This route is located passes through an area where there is road closure and is therefore also closed.

The Ponale Trail is the best known and most popular in Garda Trentino: easy but at the same time spectacular as its winds sheer above the lake, a classic trek you can't afford to miss.

The line of the Old Ponale Road stands out against the mountainside and is clearly visible from the beaches in Riva and Torbole. The Ponale trail is an icon of Garda Trentino, much loved by visitors and locals alike who never tire of the spectacular views it offers at every bend.

The Ponale Road is famous not only for the unequalled panorama of the lake but also for the military installations you can see along the trail. When you come to the second and third tunnels you can see remains of the Tagliata del Ponale, imposing fortifications built by the Austro-Hungarians from 1860 onwards which consist of tunnels excavated into the rock and trenches which stretch from lake level to the outposts overlooking the current trail. Today the Tagliata complex is normally closed to the public for reasons of safety.

The Ponale opens in 2018 with a new look, thanks to the surface maintenancework, new railings and consolidation of the trailwith barring work.

Difficulty: Easy Riva del Garda > Belvedere Ponale Alto
I Percorsi a Piedi Busatte – Tempesta Trail, a classic of Garda Trentino - Hiking trail Link Duration: h 2:00 Distance: 5,3 Ascent: 170

The Busatte - Tempesta Trail is one of the most well-known and popular hikes in the area, largely thanks to the spectacular metal ladders which make it possible to get past the steepest sections and the marvellous views all along the trail.

The trek leads up a steep mountainside sheer above the lake through dense Mediterranean vegetation.

Curious fact: during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Tempesta actually marked the Italian border.

Difficulty: Easy Busatte Park - Torbole sul Garda

I Percorsi a Piedi Bastione and Santa Barbara, the lords of Riva del Garda - All mountain Link Duration: h 1:42 Distance: 2,7 Ascent: 588

From Riva del Garda to Bastione and then on up to Santa Barbara: this hike touches on two of the symbols of the town perched on the mountainside above Riva del Garda

From down below, the Bastione and especially the chapel of Santa Barbara, seem incredibly far away, perched on the steep mountainside. However it doesn't take long at all to get to them and from up there you have spectacular views over Riva del Garda and the lake

Santa Barbara is one of the most spectacular viewing points in Garda Trentino: don't forget your camera!

Difficulty: Middle Riva del Garda - via Monte Oro > Santa Barbara
I Percorsi a Piedi Nature and geology with a lake view (from Torbole to Nago) - All mountain Link Duration: h 3:04 Distance: 6,8 Ascent: 428 1272 Difficulty: Middle Torbole sul Garda > Castagneto - Nago I Percorsi a Piedi Marocche Biotope, the "Moon Valley"in the valley of river Sarca - Hiking trail Link Duration: h 2:15 Distance: 5,5 Ascent: 113

An easy excursion in a truly unique environment in another dimension of time and space

This biotope, meaning an area which is protected because of its unique natural and geological features, is the largest post-glacial landslide in the entire Alps: an imposing mass of rocky debris which gives the area a lunar appearance and a habitat for plants and animals which have adapted to this particularly arid environment.

During your visit be sure to examine the dinosaur tracks on a great boulder along the trail: they date back to over 100 million years ago! And if you are into botany, watch out for the natural bonsais you will find among the rocks: they are true “dwarf trees” which due to the harsh environmental conditions have short branches and underdeveloped trunks. These trees do not usually manage to grow more than a metre high, even though they are often over a hundred years old.

The name "Marocche" comes from local dialect: "maroc" means boulder, a big lump of rock.

Difficulty: Easy Parking place (main road to Drena, left side) > Parking place (main road to Drena, left side)
I Percorsi a Piedi A classic hike of Garda Trentino: Monte Stivo - All mountain Link Duration: h 2:21 Distance: 4,7 Ascent: 810

Monte Stivo dominates Garda Trentino, and from its summit you have one of the most spectacular views over Lake Garda and the surrounding valleys.

The trail soon takes you above the woods and onto the wide open pastures which cover the summit of Monte Stivo and are clearly visible from the Basso Sarca. You are likely to come across cows and horses grazing on the pastures. Monte Stivo is an imposing presence in Basso Sarca, its bulk towering above the "Busa" (the flat lands between Riva del Garda, Arco and Torbole). Proverbs in local dialect bear witness to the importance of this mountain in the life of the community, with expressions like "When Stivo has its hat on, either it's going to rain or the sun's coming out soon” (Quando el Stif el g'ha el capel o che'l piove o che'l fa bel".) The “hat” is the crown of cloud which covers the peak of the mountain and is a sign of variable weather.

The ascent up to Monte Stivo is rewarded with a breathtaking view: don't forget to take your camera with you!

Difficulty: Middle Sant'Antonio > Monte Stivo
I Percorsi a Piedi The forts of Monte Brione - All mountain Link Duration: h 2:54 Distance: 6,8 Ascent: 342

An easy trek to explore the Austro-Hungarian border defences along the Sentiero della Pace or Peace Trail.

Up until 1918 Garda Trentino belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire which, well aware of the strategic position of the area, went about constructing a serious system of defences which centred on Monte Brione. Apart from bearing visible traces of that period, Monte Brione is also a biotope (or protected area) because of the high level of biodiversity of its typical Mediterranean vegetation.

Brione is home to 817 species of plant, 35% of the entire flora of Trentino! Many of these are rare or endangered species and some grow here alone, on the shores of Lake Garda. In particular, there is an extraordinary variety of orchids with 26 known species. This is the reason why the top of Monte Brione is recognised as a biotope or protected area.

Difficulty: Easy Porto San Nicolò - Riva del Garda > Porto San Nicolò - Riva del Garda
I Percorsi a Piedi High above the Sarca Valley (Colodri - Colt) - All mountain Link Duration: h 2:59 Distance: 9,3 Ascent: 529

A hike along the Colodri and Colt ridges, natural balconies overlooking the Sarca Valley. Please note this trail is only for sure-footed experienced hikers!

The hike starts in the centre of Arco and covers the rocky area which culminates at the top of the cliff where Arco Castle is located. The trail runs along the summit, above the sheer wall of the Monte Colodri ferrata, one of the most popular ferratas in Garda Trentino (an easy via ferrata which is even suited to beginners)

The Colodri and Colt peaks are marked by large crosses.
The cross on Monte Colt was erected by the Ceniga Community in the Holy Year 1933/34, and offers a marvellous view over Ceniga, Dro, Paganella Peak and Stivo. At the top of Colodri, you can leave a message in the visitor's book at the cross. Heading down towards Ceniga, you come to the Roman bridge and the beach underneath where in summer you can always stop for a refreshing dip in the river

Difficulty: Middle Arco centre > Arco centre
I Percorsi a Piedi Bosco Caproni and Vastrè Trenches - All mountain Link Duration: h 2:06 Distance: 5,1 Ascent: 220

A nature walk which in just a few kilometres manages to give a fascinating insight into the historical events which left their mark on Garda Trentino.

This trail tells the story of different episodes in Twentieth century history, winding through beautiful natural surroundings, the most northerly holly oak woodlands in Europe and many other species of vegetation. It leads you from the oolite quarries and the ruined houses of the miners who quarried the stone up to the trenches from the Great War.

Today the oolite quarries are climbing walls where you can see top athletes challenging their skills on very demanding routes. If you can spare the time, stop off for a while and watch their slow progress on the rock.

Difficulty: Easy Parking place at the bridge - Arco > Parking place at the bridge - Arco
I Percorsi a Piedi From Nago to the summit of Monte Altissimo - All mountain Link Duration: h 1:58 Distance: 3,8 Ascent: 741

Monte Altissimo is one of the most popular destinations with hikers in Garda Trentino who are drawn by its wonderful lake views which change with every bend along the trail.

This trail is a section of the Peace Trail or Sentiero della Pace in Trentino, a long-distance trail which touches on points of major interest on what was the Front during the Great War. All the mountainside above Nago bears traces of the Austro-Hungarian defences, tunnels and barricades which recall the distant days of the First World War.

This trek runs through the Monte Baldo Local Nature Reserve, a protected area notable for its exceptional biodiversity. Monte Baldo has been renowned since the 15th century for its extraordinary variety of plants and flowers and known as the “Garden of Europe”.

Don't miss the chance to try some of the typical dishes from the Trentino cuisine at hut Damiano Chiesa!

Difficulty: Middle Prati di Nago> Hut Rifugio Damiano Chiesa - Monte Altissimo
I Percorsi a Piedi From Lake Tenno to Canale, a stroll through the countryside - Hiking trail Link Duration: h 1:34 Distance: 5,2 Ascent: 39

Easy walk around Lake Tenno and as far as Canale, a medieval village belonging to the club of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy.

This walks touches on two points of particular interest in Garda Trentino: Lake Tenno, one of the most pristine lakes in all of Italy, and the nearby medieval village of Canale di Tenno, where time seems to have stood still. This is a very easy trek without any serious elevation gain, a walk suited to everyone.

Curious fact: This lake is prone to dramatic changes in the water level to such an extent that the little island often turns into a peninsula in summer so that you can walk out to it on foot.

Lake Tenno is famed for the colour of its water which varies from turquoise to emerald green according to the season. It is safe to swim in the lake and it is a popular destination in summer for people who just want to relax on the rocky beaches.

The Tenno area is part of the nature reserve of the UNESCO Biosphere "Alpi Ledrensi e Judicaria", a prestigious award which identifies environments with a rich biodiversity and history which have been developed while maintain strong links between the area, tourism, farming and tradition.

Difficulty: Easy Lake Tenno > Lake Tenno
I Percorsi a Piedi Castel Penede and Strada Santa Lucia - Hiking trail Link Duration: h 1:08 Distance: 3,3 Ascent: 44

An easy hike through historic locations with a marvellous view over Lake Garda

Would you like to relive the feelings of the great German poet Goethe when he first looked out over Lake Garda? This trek follows in his footsteps on the historic Strada di Santa Lucia trail with the addition of an interesting stop-off to visit the ruins of Castel Penede

Can you imagine massive Venetian galleys being hauled over the mountains? Well, in 1439, this is precisely what happened. Brescia, an ally of Venice, was under threat from the Milanese troops and intervention was needed in their defence. The Venetians sailed up the River Adige with 25 boats and 6 galleys which were dismantled and transported with the help of 2000 oxen to the port of Torbole, passing through the Santa Lucia valley. In 1440 the little fleet defeated the Milanese and liberated Riva del Garda.

Difficulty: Easy Nago > Torbole sul Garda
I Percorsi a Piedi The Great War: along the Segrom ridge to Malga Zures - All mountain Link Duration: h 2:34 Distance: 5,1 Ascent: 451

A hike along the Austro-Hungarian line of defence, the imposing fortifications built at the turn of the Twentieth century to defend the southern border.

There can be no doubt about the strategic importance of Garda Trentino for the Austro-Hungarian Empire given the number and scale of the fortifications above the shores of Lake Garda and the Segrom is a part of these. Barracks, trenches, tunnels and artillery positions bear witness to the complexity of this system and form a unique historic backdrop for a trek.

The first part of the hike follows the Sentiero della Pace or Peace Trail (signposted SAT 601), a long-distance trail which links up the most important places on the front lines during the Great War in Trentino. Here the trail largely overlaps with a military road built by the Austro-Hungarian army from 1880 onwards when work started to reinforce defences along the Italian border. The fortifications along the Segrom ridge date back to the same period and these are linked by trenches with the stronghold of Malga Zures, a considerable line of resistance in case of loss of the advanced position.

Difficulty: Middle Traole - Nago > Traole - Nago
I Percorsi a Piedi Great War: Doss Casina and Dosso Alto - All mountain Link Duration: h 3:04 Distance: 6,5 Ascent: 469

A hike through some of the First World War sites where the Italian Futurists fought.

This area of the Alto Garda bears many traces of the First World War. Malga Zures, fortified by the Austro-Hungarians with a complex system of tunnels was a particularly important point on the Front and the target of a particularly violent assault by the Italian army in 1915. The position was held by the imperial troops until the end of the war, but the Italians took up position in the immediate vicinity at Doss Casina (which became the hub of the Italian front line), as well as Doss Remit and Dosso Alto.

During the early months of the war, a number of Italian Futurists who belonged to the Battaglione Volontari Ciclisti e Automobilisti (Voluntary Cyclist and Automobile Driver Battalion) were posted at Doss Casina: these included Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Umberto Boccioni, Mario Sironi, Luigi Russolo, Antonio Sant'Elia and Antonio Bucci. For these artists and intellectuals, the experience on the Front was an unforgettable experience which they speak about in their private correspondence and diaries but also in their sound poetry and the “Manifesto of Futurism – Italian Pride”.

Difficulty: Middle Malga Zures - Nago > Malga Zures - Nago
I Percorsi a Piedi The Great War: The Memorial Trail - All mountain Link Duration: h 5:03 Distance: 11,1 Ascent: 620

A hike on the slopes of Monte Altissimo which aims to link up some of the most important locations on the Front Line of the Great War in Garda Trentino.

The Austro-Hungarian and Italian defences faced one another on Monte Altissimo and this was the setting for some of the bloodiest episodes of the war in Garda Trentino. The area still has many traces of that period: trenches, tunnels, barracks and tracks which bear witness to the strategic importance of this area. There is also a little war cemetery along the trail, a touching memorial to those who died in the war

The trail runs in part along the track used by the Trento refugees fleeing to Italy before the Great War from Austro-Hungarian territory in order to avoid conscription in the Imperial army. The trail is dedicated to Domenico Rigotti, a mountain guide from Nago who was a key figure aiding those who wanted to cross the border. Between 1914 and 1915, Rigotti helped over a hundred people to escape to Italy, including a number of bourgeois intellectuals from Lake Garda. He was forced to abandon his “guide service” and flee to Italy himself in order to avoid being arrested when a local spy reported on his activities

Difficulty: Middle Malga Zures - Nago > Malga Zures - Nago
I Percorsi a Piedi WWI: from S. Giovanni to Cima Rocca - All mountain Link Duration: h 3:10 Distance: 6,1 Ascent: 613

This trail is highly recommended for all history fans: a visit to the system of tunnels in Cima Rocca together with breathtaking views of Lake Garda

The Great War left indelible traces all over Garda Trentino and here they are clearly visible and tangible. In this area you can see the vast forces brought into play by the Austro-Hungarian army in order to protect this crucial border, constructing defences which from our modern perspective are hard to believe were possible

There is a complex and articulated system of tunnels in Cima Rocca. The many branches, closed off to the public for safety reasons are proof of the intentions of the Austro-Hungarian army to further expand the fortifications and unite the lower and upper parts of the tunnel system

Difficulty: Difficult Biacesa - Ledro > Cima Rocca
I Percorsi a Piedi Via Ferrata Rio Sallagoni Link Duration: h 2:00 Distance: 2,5 Ascent: 190

This via ferrata is suitable for kids from 1,40 m.
Shorter children need the help of an adult.

Difficulty: Easy Parking place - Riserva delle Marocche - S.P. 84 > Castle of Drena
I Percorsi a Piedi Great War: Cima Nodice and the “Scala Santa” or Holy Stairs - All mountain Link Duration: h 1:44 Distance: 3,2 Ascent: 313

A short hike in the mountains sheer above Lake Garda following the trail of the First World War

This itinerary ,which can be extended in the direction of the Bal and Nara peaks, gives you a chance to discover some of the less known trails in Garda Trentino which in addition to breathtaking views also have clearly visible traces of the Great War

The top of Monte Nodice is scattered with trenches and defence posts in caves built during the First World War. There are even writings left on the cave walls by the soldiers!

Difficulty: Middle Pregasina > Cima Nodice
I Percorsi a Piedi A hike around Monte Calino, the mountain of Tenno - All mountain Link Duration: h 4:52 Distance: 11,1 Ascent: 715

This hike is all about Monte Calino, close to Tenno. It is like a natural balcony overlooking the Busa, as locals call the Basso Sarca plain, and lake Garda.

The hike is all through natural surroundings: first it winds up through the steep hillside farmland around Tenno and Calvola with its typical drystone walls. It then plunges into the woods where the vegetation changes with the altitude. You have to stop off at the mountain hut Rifugio San Pietrowhich is the main focus of the hike and serves excellent food and rest.

Adjacent to the mountain hut San Pietro there's a tiny, old church, once a hermitage and pilgrimage point.

The hike can be shortened by cutting out the steep climb from Tenno and leaving the car at the junction for Ranciom/Treni where you can park for free. This eliminates most of the uphill section and turns the hike into a relaxing walk in the woods.

With aa short detour from Calvola, you can reach Canale di Tenno, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.

Difficulty: Middle Tenno > Mountain hut San Pietro - Monte Calino
I Percorsi a Piedi On the summit of Monte Misone - All mountain Link Duration: h 2:40 Distance: 4,5 Ascent: 836

Monte Misone is a solitary peak on the north-west end of Lake Garda. Perhaps it is less well-known than the other mountains around the lake but the panorama from its summit is a memory you will treasure forever.

The trail up Monte Misone starts out with a very steep stretch but don't worry, it soon levels out and you have a marvellous view of Lake Tenno, its vivid blue standing out against the mountains below.

Once you have been to the summit and got back to your starting point, it only takes a few minutes to get to the mountain hut Rifugio San Pietro. Apart from its panoramic terrace, the hut also offers traditional local dishes. Don't miss this chance to refuel after your hike with some delicious food.
When you get back down, take time to stop off at Canale di Tenno, voted one of the most Beautiful Villages of Italy. The medieval historic centre has remained intact and gives the impression of a place where time stands still.

Difficulty: Middle Car park by Calino > Caminacol peak - Monte Misone