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Upcoming Events at Lake Garda Torbole 2020 Windsurfing International Event An international T293 event at Circolo Surf Torbole with foil tests and youth board tests Link From 28 October 2020 To 31 October 2020, 8 am > 5 pm Torbole-Nago Circolo Surf Torbole 2020 Star European Championship Sailing regatta Star Class Link From 28 October 2020 To 1 November 2020, 9 am > 5 pm Riva del Garda Fraglia Vela Riva Halloween Cup Sailing regatta Link From 30 October 2020 To 1 November 2020, 9 am > 5 pm Torbole-Nago Circolo Vela Torbole 2020 FIM Motocross World Championship The MXGP of Trentino in the international Pietramurata circuit. Link From 31 October 2020 To 8 November 2020, 8 am > 7 pm Dro Circuito "Al Ciclamino", loc. Pietramurata booking required Storytime New stories are waiting for you at Storytime! Fairy tales for children. Booking required Link From 3 November 2020 To 1 December 2020, h: 17:00 Arco Biblioteca UploadOnTour Concert of Margherita Vicario and musical contest. Booking is required Link 13 November 2020, 8pm > 1am Arco Cantiere 26 Booking required Christmas Market in Arco The enchanting little wooden chalets of the Arco Christmas Market welcome visititors in the ... Link From 14 November 2020 To 6 January 2021, 10 am>7 pm - saturdays 10 am>8 pm Arco Historical centre Di Gusto In Gusto Traditional Foods Market. 23 cottages offer delicious recipes for young and old Link From 14 November 2020 To 6 January 2021, 10am > 9pm / December 31 10am > 2am Riva del Garda Piazza Garibaldi e piazza Battisti XXVII Coppa Città della Pace Historical cars: meeting and race. Start and arrival in Riva del Garda Link From 20 November 2020 To 21 November 2020, 9.30 am > 5.30 pm Riva del Garda Start and arrival: viale Dante Santa`s House Santa and Natalina open their house to big and small to live a daydream, an exciting experience ... Link From 27 November 2020 To 31 December 2020, Thu/Fri/Sat 2pm>6.30pm - Su 10am>6.30pm / December 7,8,28-30:10am>6.30pm Riva del Garda La Rocca Winter Challenge Cup-Trofeo Paola Sailing regatta dedicated to the Laser Class specialists Link From 6 December 2020 To 8 December 2020, 9 am > 5 pm Riva del Garda Fraglia Vela Riva Garda Trentino Xmas Trail A trail running competition along the Garda Trek route Link 12 December 2020, 9 am > 3 pm Torbole-Nago Starting point: Torbole The "Befana" is coming Entertainment, music, food, waiting for the Befana arriving from the lake! Link 6 January 2021, h: 10:00 Riva del Garda Piazza III Novembre Expo Riva Schuh International Shoe Fair Link From 16 January 2021 To 19 January 2021, Sat/Mon 9 am>6 pm - Tue 9 am>4 pm Riva del Garda Quartiere fieristico, Loc. Baltera Professionals only Gardabags The fair dedicated to bags and accessories in parallel with the International Expo Riva Schuh Link From 16 January 2021 To 19 January 2021, sa/su/mo 9am>6pm - tu 9am>4pm Riva del Garda Exhibition Centre Professionals only Torbole Broccoli Festival Tastings of dishes based on broccoli Link 23 January 2021, h: 14:00 Torbole-Nago Porto di Torbole Flicorno d`Oro International band competition Link From 26 March 2021 To 28 March 2021, 8 am > 12 pm Riva del Garda Palazzo dei Congressi - Sala Garda FSA BIKE Festival Garda Trentino Spectacular side events in idyllic settings, great MTB routes and cool parties make this event ... Link From 30 April 2021 To 2 May 2021, Friday 10am>7pm / Saturday 10am>10.30pm / Sunday 10am>4pm Riva del Garda Palazzo dei Congressi Arcobonsai 2021 National Convention on Bonsai Science and Technique, local gardening market, exhibition and more Link From 30 April 2021 To 2 May 2021, 9 am > 7 pm Arco Casinò and Viale delle Palme Garda Trentino Trail An international event, a mix of nature and trail running, sport and incredible landscapes of ... Link 15 May 2021, 7 am > 9 pm Riva del Garda - Arco - Tenno - Val di Ledro e dintorni Start from Viale delle Palme, Arco